European Brown Bear - Five Sisters Zoo

Subspecies of the brown bear (Ursus arctos). Other subspecies is the North American Brown bear or Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis).

Individuals have a broad head, long snout, and small round ears. Their bodies are covered in thick brown fur, with the colours varying from a yellow brown to a dark brown. Their front paw is approximately 16 centimetres long, whilst its back paw measures around 26 centimetres.


  • Diet: Omnivores
  • Weight: 135 to 350 Kilos
  • Length: 1.6 to 2.1 metres
  • Habitat: Tundra
  • Life span: 20 to 30 years.
  • They have clows that can grow up to 10 cm.

Adapted to survive

  • Thick layer of fat to insulate them from cold temperatures and as storage of nutrients to survive the winter when the food is scarce.
  • During winter they fall into a deep sleep called torpor. During torpor, heart rate, breathing rate and body temperature decrease. They can sleep for more than one hundred days without eating or drinking but are able to wake up if they are hurt or feel threatened.


  • Poaching
  • sport hunting


IUCN Conservation Status

Least Concern