Keeper Talks

Learn more about some of our favourite animals in our daily keeper talks!

Meerkat Talk


Meet between the meerkat and otter enclosures

Lynx Talk


Meet in front of the lynx enclosure

Snow Leopard Talk


Meet in front of the snow leopard enclosure

DSC 0723

Lost Kingdom Talk


Meet at the Ranger Station in the Lost Kingdom

Arctic Wolf Talk


Meet by the wolf enclosure (near the play area)

Lion and Bear Rescue Talk


Meet by the bear statue


For the safety of our staff and visitors, we have made the decision to close the zoo from tonight. Our team of dedicated keepers and vet will continue to make sure all our animals are well looked after. We hope this will not be for too long a period but we will follow government advice and guidelines.

If you would like to donate towards the zoo, we appreciate any help although we know this is a difficult time for everyone.
Thank you all for your continued support and hope we can welcome you all back soon.