Keeper Talks

Learn more about some of our favourite animals in our daily keeper talks!

Meerkat Talk


Meet between the meerkat and otter enclosures

Lynx Talk


Meet in front of the lynx enclosure

Snow Leopard Talk


Meet in front of the snow leopard enclosure

DSC 0723

Lost Kingdom Talk


Meet at the Ranger Station in the Lost Kingdom

Arctic Wolf Talk


Meet by the wolf enclosure (near the play area)

Lion and Bear Rescue Talk


Meet by the bear statue

We’re Opening!!

We will be opening on Monday the 29th June. You will only be able to visit the zoo if you have pre-purchased tickets online.

We will be sharing this link on Monday the 22nd June. thank you for all your support through this extremely difficult time and we look forward to welcoming you back to the zoo next week.

You can now book the pre-paid tickets online at this link ->