Five Sisters Zoo is dedicated to encouraging and supporting research that improves captive animal management and benefits the conservation of animals. Research is a primary objective of ours and is a major role within modern zoos.

Five Sisters Zoo encourages students to undertake non-invasive animal-based research, looking at areas including:

  • Animal health (including nutrition, physiology, and pathology)
  • Animal behaviour (including stereotypic behaviour and environmental enrichment)
  • Enclosure design
  • Visitor studies (including visitor preferences and behaviours, and the effectiveness of zoo marketing strategies)
  • Zoo education

Research is helpful to Five Sisters Zoo giving a valuable insight into enclosure design, diet, social behaviour… etc. as well as making us aware of visitors attitudes and perceptions, thus aiding conservation through improved education.


All researchers wishing to conduct a project at Five Sisters Zoo should submit a Research Application Form, with an attached research proposal if possible.

Applications are assessed by the education department and zoo management staff, and will be accepted based on the subject area, its value to science, and the logistics of the proposed study.

Applications should be sent in at least one month in advance of the proposed start date.

For further information about research at Five Sisters Zoo, please email

We’re Opening!!

We will be opening on Monday the 29th June. You will only be able to visit the zoo if you have pre-purchased tickets online.

We will be sharing this link on Monday the 22nd June. thank you for all your support through this extremely difficult time and we look forward to welcoming you back to the zoo next week.

You can now book the pre-paid tickets online at this link ->