Yellow-headed Day Gecko - Five Sisters Zoo

Also known as Neon Day Geckos; individuals are yellow and turquoise in colour. They have a dark stripe on each side, a dark colour on their back legs and a white abdomen. They have flattened bodies, sticky pads on their toes, and lidless round eyes.


  • Diet: Omnivores
  • Weight:  1.75 grams
  • Length:  9 centimetres
  • Habitat: Forest – small patches of Madagascar
  • Life span:  15 years under human care

Adapted to Survive

  • Individuals thrive in bamboo crops cultivated in Madagascar. The clearing of primary forest in order for these crops to be grown has negative consequences for many other species
  • Their flattened body help them to live in small cracks in bark


  • Restricted distribution
  • Isolated populations
  • International pet trade

IUCN Conservation Status