Rusty-Spotted Cat - Five Sisters Zoo

Individuals have short brown coats with tones of reddish and grey throughout. they have brown spots arranged in lines on their backs, shoulders and head, and white fur on their chest, abdomen and legs. They have reddish streaks on their cheeks and a white line on the inner edge of their eyes.


  • Diet: Carnivores
  • Weight:  1 to 1.6 kilograms
  • Height: 50 to 78 centimetres
  • Habitat: Forest, shrubland savanna and grassland of the south of Asia
  • Life span: 12 years in captivity

Adapted to survive

  • Individuals have excellent climbing abilities
  • Fierce hunters, they are known for their ability to hunt larger prey items


  • Human-animal conflict
  • Habitat Loss by deforestation, degradation and fragmentation
  • Populations are isolated, making them more vulnerable

IUCN Conservation Status

Near Threatened