Meerkat - Five Sisters Zoo

Individuals have a small pointed face, dark round eyes and large non-retractable claws on their front limbs.


  • Diet: carnivores
  • Weight: Less than a kilogram
  • Length: Around 29 centimetres
  • Habitat: Savannah
  • Lifespan: 12 to 14 years

Adapted to Survive

  • Individuals have dark patches around the eyes that help them diminish the glare of sunlight.
  • Meerkats work well as a team; one sentinel looks after the mob (a group of meerkats is called a mob) while the rest forage or look for insects.
  • Individuals have big claws that allow them to dig burrows or tunnels to protect themselves from heat and predators.
  • Individuals have a good sense of smell! It allows them to find insects that can live underground or in holes.


  • Pet Trade

IUCN Conservation Status

Least Concern