Fossa - Five Sisters Zoo

The top predator in Madagascar. Individuals can hunt during both day and night and can take prey from the ground and from in the trees. They are bronze- brown in colour and have striking brown eyes.


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Weight: over 8 kg
  • Length: around 1.5 metres including their tail.
  • Habitat: Forests of Madagascar
  • Life span: Approximately 15 years

Adapted to survive

  • Individuals can adjust their feet to either plantigrade-like or digitigrade-like gait.
  • Their joints on their hint legs are very flexible, allowing them to descend from trees headfirst.
  • Individuals have retractable claws to dig and climb straight up trees.


  • Poaching,
  • Climate change
  • Habitat fragmentation and loss


IUCN Conservation Status