De Brazza's Monkey - Five Sisters Zoo

Individuals have a grey coat; their limbs have black fur and a white streak along their hindlimbs. They have brown eyes, an orange crest on their forehead, a black crown, and a white beard.


  • Diet: Omnivores
  • Weight: 6.8 to 7.7 kilograms
  • Height: 63.5 cm
  • Habitat: forest and wetlands of central Africa
  • Life span: 22 to 30 years under human care

Adapted to Survive

  • Individuals can swim! In fact, they are sometimes referred to as swamp monkeys
  • If threatened, an individual can curl into a ball and stay immobile
  • Individuals have large cheek pouches that help them store food and carry it away until they find a suitable place to eat it
  • Their long tails help them balance while moving between trees
  • They can live in groups of up to 35 individuals


  • Poaching
  • Habitat loss by deforestation

IUCN Conservation Status

Least Concern