Common Raven - Five Sisters Zoo

Large black birds with strong bills, long wings, and a wedge-shaped tail. They are the largest member of the Crow family.


  •  Diet: Carnivores
  •  Weight: 800 to 1500 g
  • Length: 60 to 68 centimetres
  • Wingspan: 120 to 150 cm
  • Habitat: Woodland
  • Lifespan: they live between 10 to 15 years in the wild. In human care, they could live up to 50 years.


Adapted to Survive

  • Individuals are known for their intelligence; behavioural research describes how they learn and solve puzzles to obtain food, collaborate in a group and have different vocalisations to communicate with their pairs.
  • Even though they are primarily found in pairs, they can gather in flocks during the winter to look for food.



  • Poaching
  • Human–animal conflict

IUCN Conservation Status

Least Concern