Cheetah - Five Sisters Zoo

Each individual has a unique coat patterned with black spots, black stripes from the inner corners of their eyes down to both sides of their mouths (tear marks), and black rings at the end of their tails.


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Weight: 35 to 64 kilos.
  • Length:  1.12 m to 1.40 m their body their tail is up to 0.8 metres.
  • Habitat: Savannah 
  • Life span: 14 years in the wild, in human care, they can live as long as 20 years.

Adapted to Survive

  • They are the fastest mammal on land, the cheetah can reach speeds of 70 miles an hour over short distances. After a chase, a cheetah needs half an hour to catch its breath before they can eat.
  • Their long, slender limbs, hard foot pads and flexible spine gives them a long stride and allow them to make quick and sudden turns in pursuit of a prey.
  • Their spotted coat blends with the tall, dry grass, it is the perfect camouflage.


  • Habitat fragmentation and loss 
  • Prey numbers are in decline and, therefore food is less abundant


IUCN Conservation Status