Anthony's Poison Arrow Frog - Five Sisters Zoo

Individuals are dark red or brown, with a yellow or white central stripe and stripes running longitudinally through their bodies.


  • Diet: Carnivores
  • Length: 2 to 2.5 cm
  • Habitat: Tropical Rainforest. Native to Ecuador and Peru.
  • Life span: between 5 to 8 years
  • They have adhesive pads on their fingers and toes.

Adapted to Survive

Individuals produce the toxin Epibatidine, a highly toxic secretion from their skins that causes paralysis. This toxin is synthesised from what they eat in the wild. Usually, they will eat poisonous animals like ants. Bred in captivity, after several generations, their toxin loses its potency.


  • Deforestation
  • Pollution of their natural habitat

IUCN Conservation Status

Near Threatened