African Sacred Ibis - Five Sisters Zoo

Individuals have white feathers covering most of their body, and the flight feathers of their wings have dark blue-green tips. They have long necks and bald, grey heads. Their bill is long and curved downwards.  A small patch of skin is visible on the side of their breast and underwings.



  • Diet: Carnivores
  • Weight: 1.5 kilos
  • Wingspan: 1.12 metres to 1.24 metres
  • Length:  65 to 75 centimetres
  • Habitat: Forest, grassland, margins of inland freshwater like wetlands and coastal regions of the centre and south of Africa
  • Life span:  Up to 20 years

Adapted to Survive

  • Individuals migrate hundreds of kilometres for the breeding season
  • They roost and nest in large mixed-species colonies of 50- to 2000 pairs
  • Their long necks, bills and legs are specially adapted to hunt in shallow water
  • If an individual feels threatened, they will make vocalisations


  • Poaching
  • Human-animal conflict
  • Habitat loss

IUCN Conservation Status

Least Concern