Animal Experiences Terms and Conditions

1 – All animal experiences are non-refundable. If Five Sisters Zoo is forced to cancel an experience for any reason, then efforts will be made to rearrange for another date. Refunds will not be given.

2 – Five Sisters Zoo reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an animal experience for reasons such as severe weather, staff shortages or on animal welfare grounds. Efforts will be made to give as much notice of cancellation as possible, but Five Sisters Zoo does have the right to make cancellations on the day of an experience if necessary. Please note that Five Sisters Zoo will not be reimburse any costs (including travel costs) incurred by participants if an experience is cancelled.

3 – Five Sisters Zoo reserves the right to alter/ adjust animal experiences on any given day for animal welfare or health and safety reasons.

4 – If participants are late to an experience, then Five Sisters Zoo reserves the right to cancel their experience. Please note, in this instance rebooking will not be an option. Refunds are never available. If an experience can still go ahead when participants are late then it will be shortened.

6 – Experiences will only be rescheduled in circumstances deemed acceptable by Five Sisters Zoo (illness/injury). Please note that holidays or commitments at work are not circumstances that Five Sisters Zoo will reschedule an experience to accommodate.

7 – An experience is not confirmed as booked until participants receive an e-ticket via email.

8 – All experience participants that are under the age of 16 are expected to be accompanied by an admission fee paying adult. This adult is expected to be present during an experience but will not directly take part.

9 – All Five Sisters Zoo experiences require that participants bring wellie boots and wear long trousers.

10 – All Five Sisters Zoo experience participants are required to have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination.

11 – Participants must disclose to Five Sisters Zoo staff if they become unwell while attending an experience. If a participant falls unwell prior to an experience booking, they are expected to contact the zoo about this. Please email for more info.

12– Five Sisters should be made aware of disabilities or learning difficulties before experiences are purchased/booked. While we will do our best to accommodate it is not always possible for health and safety reasons and due to the accessibility of some of our animal habitats. Please contact for more info. Please note that the only wheelchair accessible experiences are the Lynx Experience and Breakfast with the Bears.

13 – Five Sisters Zoo animal experiences are not suitable for persons that are immunocompromised or for those with certain allergies or phobias. Please contact for more info if required.