The Lost Kingdom

Opened in December 2014 by Angela Constance MSP, the Lost Kingdom is a fantastic temperature-controlled area displaying a host of species, from small tortoises and insects to large crocodilians and snakes.

This is a superb representation of animal groups from rainforests and other tropical environments around the world. In our rainforest walkthrough area you can experience a tropical climate and see iguanas, tortoises, birds and our leaf cutter ants at their feeding station.

The ants have a rope trail from this walkthrough area, up through the Conservation Room and into their enclosure where they build their nest and farm their own food – they don’t eat the leaves, they use them to cultivate food! Look out for them!

Linked with our class work booklets which cover topics related to the Curriculum for Excellence, we are proud to offer educational services to young people, and the Lost Kingdom provides a unique learning experience outside of the classroom.

The Lost Kingdom is an incredible new building, constructed after the devastating fire in 2013 which completely destroyed the previous tropical house. Amazingly, the crocodiles survived the fire and can now be seen in the Lost Kingdom next to our American alligators and crocodile monitor.

A memorial garden has been set up just outside the ticket desk, in dedication to the beloved animals that were lost in the fire, but will never be forgotten.