The Aviary

FSZ aviary 1Enjoy a wander through the Birds of the World Aviary and get up close to a whole host of different birds.

In this walkthrough aviary, you could see the Sacred Ibis, Little Egrets, Crested Cranes, and Weaver Birds. There’s also the Bald Ibis, Glossy Starlings, White-cheeked Turaco, and Lilac Breasted Roller to keep an eye out for too. Plus, the various duck species living here are often seen around the pond, including Cape Teal and White-faced Whistling Ducks. FSZ aviary 2

The aviary is a truly inspirational experience for your senses, meeting some of the winged characters of Five Sisters Zoo up close and personal. During your walk around inside you may choose to take a moment to sit and enjoy the birds flying and calling around you, making use of the comfortable wooden seating.

The cameras never stop in the aviary, with avid photographers snapping some spectacular images of animals and flowers during their visit.

FSZ aviary 3FSZ aviary 4The construction of the aviary was kindly supported by the staff at Glenmorangie.

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship at Five Sisters Zoo, please email Lesley at

Watch some videos from Affinity TV about the Aviary and some of the animals that live here:

The Aviary: