On 26th April we had twin red bellied tamarins born at the zoo. This is mum and dads first off spring and they have done a fantastic job. They did receive some extra help from one of our common marmosets, Dot (pictured below). The marmosets and tamarins are a closely related species under the callitrichidae primate family tree. With all callitrichids the whole family help carry offspring to help save mums energy for feeding.

We have called them Bella (female) & Pip (male).

Make sure you keep an eye our for them on your next visit to the zoo.

We’re Opening!!

We will be opening on Monday the 29th June. You will only be able to visit the zoo if you have pre-purchased tickets online.

We will be sharing this link on Monday the 22nd June. thank you for all your support through this extremely difficult time and we look forward to welcoming you back to the zoo next week.

You can now book the pre-paid tickets online at this link ->