We are delighted to have added our animal prints and masks to our online shop.

Animal Prints

These excellent prints are original pencil drawings by artist Anthony Wyatt – you may recognise a few of them. All funds raised will go directly towards the zoo during this difficult time.

All our prints can be purchased via the link: https://fivesisterszoo.co.uk/product/animal-prints/
Masks for Madagascar 
Five Sisters Zoo partners with organisations like SEED in Madagascar to raise awareness and educate visitors on conservation activities. With lemurs, several reptile species and our fossa being species native to Madagascar, SEED provide lots of up-to-date knowledge and research findings to support our ongoing work with both rescue animals, and those in the wild.
The masks were made by SEED Madagascar. Funds generated from the sale of these collaborative masks will:
• help support SEED’s COVID response by paying for five masks to be made for people in Madagascar
• help support Five Sisters Zoo’s COVID recovery
Please see the link below to get your mask: