Education Programme

Five Sisters Zoo is an ideal location for a fun, educational day out at any time of year. Our education programmes are linked with the Curriculum for Excellence, including our series of interdisciplinary class work booklets and outdoor learning programme.

During your trip we will arrange and deliver an educational session(s) to meet your particular learning outcomes, at a level that complements your classroom learning. This includes both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities throughout the year, helping your students to understand, evaluate and report biodiversity issues. We encourage discussion between teaching staff and the zoo education team before your visit to make sure your learners get the most out of their trip.

To book or discuss your trip today, email or call us on 01506 870 000.

OPAL Science Sessions

We are proud to offer our outdoor science sessions to complement your classroom learning, following the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) citizen science programme. You can learn more information at the OPAL website, We currently offer two of their sessions. These are:

  • Bugs Count – Do you know what bugs are living near you? Take part in Bugs Count and discover the incredible variety of invertebrates that make their homes around us. Your findings will help scientists learn more about the distribution of invertebrates across the country and how the urban environment may be affecting them.
  • Pond Dipping – Good water quality is essential for the many animals and plants that live in and around our lakes, ponds and rivers. Help scientists learn about how polluted our lakes and ponds are – something we know surprisingly little about!

Class Work Booklets and Teacher’s Notes

There are currently five interdisciplinary work booklets available with accompanying teacher’s notes, which you can use on your school visit. The five topics are:

For details of all class booklets and teacher’s notes, please click here.