Summer Nights at FSZ! Have you ever wondered what goes on at the zoo after hours? Now you can find out! We will be extending opening hours until 9pm on the following dates: Friday 31st July Wednesday 5th August Saturday 8th August Sunday 9th August more dates will be announced soon…. On these evenings our … Read more

On 26th April we had twin red bellied tamarins born at the zoo. This is mum and dads first off spring and they have done a fantastic job. They did receive some extra help from one of our common marmosets, Dot (pictured below). The marmosets and tamarins are a closely related species under the callitrichidae … Read more

Discounted early bird tickets for our brand new spectacular Autumn Nights event and the Zoo Christmas Illuminations are now LIVE.

We are delighted to announce the birth of a rare Scottish Wildcat kitten here at Five Sisters Zoo! Scottish Wildcats form one of the most endangered cat populations in the world and were declared functionally extinct in the wild back in 2018. The breeding programme that we are proud to be part of is a … Read more

We are very excited to finally introduce Zazu, our new Fossa. He arrived at the zoo from Dvur Kralove Zoo Fossa are only found in Madagascar where it is the largest native carnivore. Despite looking like cats this intelligent species is, in fact, a close living relative of the mongooses. Unfortunately, this incredible species is … Read more