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Open 7 days a week! (Except Christmas Day and New Year's Day)

25th March 2017 - Sept: 10am - 6pm

Oct - March: 10am - 5pm

Last entry 1.5 hours before closing time.

PLEASE NOTE: Leaping Lemurs Soft Play is CLOSED until further notice. This building will be converted into a new Reptile House. A brand new indoor play facility will follow shortly, so please bear with us in the meantime.

Admission Prices

Child (3-15yrs): £9.95
Adult (16yrs+): £11.95
Under 3's: free of charge
Concession*: £10.45
Family Ticket (2 adults/2 children): £34.00 + £7.95 for each additional child.

*Concession: applies to pensioners, disabled customers and carers with official photographic ID badge.

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Recent blog posts


Posted on in News

Picuted here is Suzy who looks as if she's doing a good job of tiding her bed up....or looking for treats maybe? 


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Snowy owl chicks!

Posted on in News

Fantastic photo captured recently by Graham Chumbley of two of the snowy owl chicks getting fed by mum!



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Watch out for the American red squirrels!

Posted on in News

They are now in their new enclosure down beside the wildcats, they are very cute and very quick - here's one that stopped long enough to get a quick photo!


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Chernobyl Children

Posted on in News

It was lovely to welcome the visiting children from Chernobyl to the Zoo and despite the rainy afternoon (last Thursday!) they seemed to enjoy their handling session, a quick look at some of the other outdoor animals and then a warm and dry session in the indoor play area:)  We hope they enjoy the rest of their stay in West Lothian and have lots of happy memories to take home.


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Posted on in News

Peggy out in the woodland area - it's getting really lush and green in there, the brambles/berries that we planted before they arrived will soon hopefully be ready for them to eat :)


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Glorious weather!

Posted on in News

So good to see the sun shining at the Zoo today and all our school/nursery and toddler groups enjoying themselves.  Carmen had a snooze in the shade this afternoon and we captured this just after she woke up:)


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Cute and fluffy!

Posted on in News

Our gorgeous European Eagle Owl chick is growing so fast!  Still very fluffy and cute though!


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What a day!

Posted on in News

This look says it all..."I am not amused with this weather".... can't say I blame him - only our ducks seemed ok with all this rain today :(


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Happy Birthday Stumpy!

Posted on in News

Congratulations to Stumpy who celebrated his 26th birthday today!  He seemed to enjoy the warm, dry and sunny weather - good for his old bones!  Well done Stumpy and we hope you have many more years to enjoy....we think he is one of the oldest living lemurs in Europe!


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Snowy owl chicks have hatched!

Posted on in News

Two baby chicks were spotted peeking out from under mum yesterday - they don't seem to be ready for their photo to be taken yet, so this was mum a few days ago making sure all was ok!


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Else is here!

Posted on in News

We are SO thrilled to have both Else Poulsen and Karine Hauser at the Zoo today.  Pictured below are Else and Brian looking through the woodland area early this morning,finding really encouraging signs that the bears are starting to behave like bears!  The visit has been funded by Hauser Bears and we are so grateful for their encouragement and support.


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YIPPEEE! We've just won £500!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to everyone who voted for the Zoo in May's Bigheart Bing, we won and are so thrilled to have just received the £500! So grateful for everyones support as always.

thank you from Suzy

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Posted on in News

Watch out for our new chipmunk babies at the Zoo - 4 of them are albino and are very cute!


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Thank you Blind Design!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to Amanda and Leanne from Blind Design who handed in a cheque yesterday for £300 for the bears appeal.  The money was raised from their stall at the Boness street fair and a contribution from the company.   Well done ladies, we really appreciate your support.

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New Lemur!

Posted on in News

Watch out for Rusty, our new red ruffed lemur, she is in with the brown lemurs, near to the mixed bird aviary/goats.  She is very cute:)


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Happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend!

Posted on in News

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Jubilee weekend - the Zoo is open as normal on Tuesday, so hope to see some of you then:)  Suzy and Carmen out in the woodland area eating their breakfast yesterday.


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Owl Chick!

Posted on in News

Our European Eagle Owl chick is growing bigger by the day!  Within 3 months he will be the same size as his parents!


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Reindeer Calf

Posted on in News

Our gorgeous new reindeer calf is doing really well....watch out for him next time you visit:)


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Posted on in News

for the guinea pigs and their babies, thankfully the rain has gone off and the sunshine came out!


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Another great fundraiser!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you goes to Blind Design who recently took part in the Boness Victorian Street Fair and managed to raise an amazing £187.00 for the bears!  Great stall and we are so grateful for your support:)


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Bears Big Cycle

Posted on in News

Was organised by a lovely group of 11 year old girls - they held a 12 mile sponsored cycle around West Linton recently and presented us with £355 sponsorship money at the weekend - what a FANTASTIC amount and as always we are so grateful for your support - well done to Ayla, Lindsay, Breagha, Mairie M, Marie S, Robyn and Anna and also to Teaya for her bake sale.  Hope to see you at the Zoo soon to meet the bears:)

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Over the £70K mark!!!

Posted on in News

Wow! the thermometer is sitting at just under £72,000 thanks to the all the money that was handed in at the weekend from the Teddy Bears picnic at Craigton House on the 6th May...around £3300 was raised which was amazing and we are so grateful to everyone who contributed, especially to June, Angela and Eva of course and Julia, Cornelius and Minnie:) Thank you from Carmen, Peggy and here's Suzy!


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New Reindeer Calf!

Posted on in News

We have a new edition - a gorgeous reindeer calf, born on Monday and so far doing well and enjoying this warm weather.  Well done mum pictured here cleaning up her baby just after he/she was born:)


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Posted on in News

peggysunGlorious weather today!

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New baby Prairie Dogs!

Posted on in News

Our new baby Priaire Dogs have ventured out - but they are not enjoying all this wet/cold weather and neither are we! :(


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A porcupine!

Posted on in News

and here's one of our shy porcupines out inspecting what had been done:)



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Clearing up the Porcupine enclosure!

Posted on in News

...was what the volunteers from HSBC kindly helped out with this morning, followed by a lot of bark shovelling into the wallabies - a massive thank you to all of them, especially with all the heavy rain today - really appreciate your help guys.


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Painting and cleaning!

Posted on in News

Another huge thank you goes to our HSBC volunteers from yesterday who were busy cleaning signs for us and painting in one of the owl enclosures...really appreciate your help:)


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More HSBC volunteers!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to the volunteers today from HSBC and for helping with the paths and sanding the trailer - great job.


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Posted on in News

Here's a bear sized yawn from Carmen, but watch out when looking at the photo as it makes you want to yawn too!


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Posted on in News

..our albino burmese python has the right idea of suggling up today, to keep warm:)goldiesnuggles

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Thank you Bathgate Academy

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to 10 pupils and 4 members of staff who have just presented us with a cheque for £500 for the bear fund from their aerial assault course challenge that they completed on the 9th March. This is fantastic effort and is greatly appreciated:)

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Rain, rain go away!

Posted on in News

Please oh please let the rain stop:)


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Sleeping Bear

Posted on in News

Suzy takes a snooze in the woodland area, sweet dreams beautiful bear:)

suzy snoozes

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The meerkat babies!

Posted on in News

2 new babies who are very cute!


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Great job everyone!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the teddy bears picnic yesterday - June and Eva reckon that around £1500 has been raised for the bears and that's before the sponsor money comes in and Julia Attwoods sponsorship total is added for her two bears Minnie and Cornelius who came all the way from America to participate!  Thank you all...Suzy smiling:)thank you from Suzy

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Good luck!

Posted on in News

Enjoy your day and good luck to all taking part in the teddy bears walk and picnic today at Craigton House, we are busy getting the animals ready to take there for the petting zoo - lots of fun activities planned and am sure it will be a great day:)

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Posted on in News

Good, coasts clear!


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Posted on in News

Better make sure no ones watching!


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Posted on in News

Wondering what she can do with this tree?!


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Posted on in News

Have you ever seen an otter sunbathing! Lovely to see all the animals enjoying the sun today.... and visitors to of course:)


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Posted on in News

We love wildcats!


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Teddy Bears Picnic

Posted on in News

We're looking forward to this weekend and the sponsored walk/teddy bears picnic at Craigton House.  Thanks so much to June, Angela and everyone who has helped organise this and for either participating or sponsoring a bear - you are all great and your support is really appreciated!  We'll be there with a selection of animals to say hello! 

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Thank you volunteers!

Posted on in News

Our thanks once again go to the lovely volunteers from HSBC who helped out at the Zoo today - putting bark in the ruff lemur enclosure, lots of weeding and painting of fences....much appreciated:)

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Feeding Time!

Posted on in News


Fabulous photo of our female European Eagle Owl feeding her chick yesterday - captured by Eileen, one of our wonderful volunteers:)

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Wow, bear fund goes up again!

Posted on in News

We managed to raise £494.00 for the bear appeal at Ocean Terminal, thanks to everyone who helped support the event:)

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Thank you Build a Bear!

Posted on in News

We had a great time at Ocean Terminal today - thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen and to everyone who popped in to meet the animals and donate to the bear appeal :)


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New babies!

Posted on in News

Spring is here and so are the first of our babies - two meerkat babies were spotted out with their parents yesterday and congratulations to the European Eagle Owls - mum has successfully hatched her two chicks and they have been seen poking out from under her this week:) They are a bit camera shy just now, but we will do our best to get a few snap shots soon!europeowlegg

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Ocean Terminal here we come!

Posted on in News

We're all set for Ocean Terminal tomorrow (11 - 4pm) with the petting zoo  - great raffle prizes on offer from Frankie & Bennys, Build a Bear, Pure Spa and includes a season pass for the Zoo.  Hope to see you there - all funds raised will go to the bears!

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Ocean Terminal this weekend!

Posted on in News

The Zoo will be at Ocean Terminal this Saturday, 28th April as part of a fundraising day to raise money for the bears.  This is thanks to the support of Ocean Terminal, Build a Bear, Frankie & Benny's and Pure Spa all of whom will be there with give away goodie bags and lots of fantastic raffle prizes to be won! 

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