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Opening Times

Open 7 days a week! (Except Christmas Day and New Year's Day)

25th March 2017 - Sept: 10am - 6pm

Oct - March: 10am - 5pm

Last entry 1.5 hours before closing time.

PLEASE NOTE: Leaping Lemurs Soft Play is CLOSED until further notice. This building will be converted into a new Reptile House. A brand new indoor play facility will follow shortly, so please bear with us in the meantime.

Admission Prices

Child (3-15yrs): £9.95
Adult (16yrs+): £11.95
Under 3's: free of charge
Concession*: £10.45
Family Ticket (2 adults/2 children): £34.00 + £7.95 for each additional child.

*Concession: applies to pensioners, disabled customers and carers with official photographic ID badge.

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EH55 8PT

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Recent blog posts


Posted on in News

The summer holidays are nearly here for the kids!


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This amazing nest...

Posted on in News

has been built by the Village Weaver birds - look out for it in the Walkthrough African Bird Aviary.


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Chad, the Giant African Spurred Tortoise...

Posted on in News

is loving all the warm sunny weather!


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Happy Fathers Day!

Posted on in News

From everyone at the Zoo especially one of our oldest dad's - Stumpy who been celebrating with his five sons!


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Happy 28th Birthday Stumpy!

Posted on in News

Stumpy, one of our special ring-tailed lemurs celebrating his 28th birthday - we believe him to be the oldest living ring-tailed lemur in the UK if not Europe as they normally only live to around 20.  He's a real character, is adored by us all and has lived at the Zoo with his 5 sons for the past 9 years.

Stumpys Birthdayres

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The meerkat mob continue to grow..

Posted on in News

with a gorgeous new meerkat pup!


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A new baby meerkat!

Posted on in News

Delighted to welcome another baby meerkat to our mob, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZi7n3YAGbg&feature=youtu.be

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It never takes Carmen long...

Posted on in News

to find her hidden treat!


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2014 Gumbally Rally arrives at the Zoo!

Posted on in News

Brian and Shirley got a surprise visit last sunday from Gareth & Nicola Wood who were taking part in this years Gumbally Rally, aimed at raising £100,000 for the charity "Wish Upon A Star" to take terminally ill children to Lapland this Christmas. Their fabulous car is a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.


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Looks like Suzy bear was having a ...

Posted on in News

keep fit session this morning!


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Affinity TV ...

Posted on in News

Here's the link to the next feature about the Zoo, this time they are in the Walk Through African Bird Aviary. http://www.affinitytv.co.uk/communities/video/affinity_outdoors_-_five_sisters_zoo_2/


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A snap shot...

Posted on in News

of our two very special crocodiles, Bob and Bindy.


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Names for the wolves!

Posted on in News

After much thought, we have decided to call the two female Arctic Wolves Luna (moon) and Aria (air), both have settled well and should be let out into their main enclosure; over an acre of natural woodland, within the next two days.  They are currently in their holding pen area to monitor them after their long journey, but you are able to see them!


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The wolves are safely in their new enlosure..

Posted on in News

appear to be well and have been exploring their new envirnoment - they are stunning and their new names will be announced later today.


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One of our stunning Arctic Wolves!

Posted on in News

They have just arrived in the UK and each hour brings them closer to the Zoo and their new home, we are all so excited to welcome them!


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Arctic Wolves are coming!

Posted on in News

We can confirm that two beautiful female arctic wolves were safely loaded in Hungary this morning and are well on their way to their new life at the Zoo.  They have already crossed the border into Austria, heading for Belgium where they will spend the night, before setting off on the final leg of their journey tomorrow morning.


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we've got some extra free and fun activities at the Zoo this weekend and Bank Holiday Monday (24th, 25th & 26th).  Join in with a quiz trail around the Zoo to find the hearts and get stuck in to arts & crafts in the Crooked House!


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If you are able to join us, please call 01506 870000 to book your place. The evening includes a brief tour of the Zoo, a behind the scenes look at the 3 bears, a bear documentary, informative talk with Q&A session, buffet and drinks.  Cost is £15 p/p.


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We are devastated to have to announce...

Posted on in News

the deaths of 2 of our 3 otter pups.  The smallest pup had been having difficulty with its development since its mum stopped its feeding, a decision was taken to remove the pup and feed by hand.  After showing great improvement over 4 days, the pup suddenly took a turn for the worse and died shortly after a visit to our vet.  The middle sized pup was discovered dead in its den the following day.  Both pups are undergoing post mortems.  The remaining pup appears to be thriving but we are monitoring it closely.


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Affinity TV, based in West Lothian..

Posted on in News

is Scotland's newest internet based TV station - they are filming a "good news" series about the Zoo and some of our fantastic animals and so here's the link to the first one http://www.affinitytv.co.uk/communities/video/affinity_outdoors_-_five_sisters_zoo_1/

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"An Evening with Bears"

Posted on in News

Tickets are now available for Thursday 22nd May for a bear experience night from 6.30 - 9.30pm.  Includes a brief tour of the Zoo, an exclusive behind the scenes look at the bears, a documentary film, buffet & drinks and an informative talk with question/answer session.  Price is £15 p/p, please call 01506 870000 to book your ticket as numbers are limited.


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Then and now!

Posted on in News

from Five Sisters Garden Centre to Five Sisters Zoo - what a difference 10 years make! Thanks to everyone for their support.


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Good Luck...

Posted on in News

to everyone who is sitting exams over the next few weeks - all your friends at the Zoo are thinking of you.


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What an Easter!

Posted on in News

Thank you so much to everyone who visited the Zoo during the Easter holidays, we had an amazing number of visitors and the great weather just added to the buzz.  Lovely to see the otters out with the 3 babies, they are growing so quickly!  Mum is never far away keeping an eye on her brood, or to give a wee kiss.


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Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Posted on in News

The lemurs are already looking for Easter quiz letters! Look forward to welcoming some of you to the Zoo today, normal opening hours and admissions apply.  Each child receives a free Easter egg when they hand in their quiz.


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Posted on in News

Join in with the Treasure Hunt Animal Quiz (each child receives a chocolate egg for their completed quiz) an Easter Bonnet competition, face painting, Easter Raffle plus arts & crafts and of course enjoying all the Spring babies and new areas around the Zoo.  Normal admissions apply, Zoo opens at 10am - Happy Easter everyone!

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The Castle Zoo opens today!

Posted on in News

and to celebrate the Linlithgow Saxophone Ensemble (the Sax Pistols aged between 14-17) will entertain visitors from 11am with music from Jazz to Jungle Book and Pink Panther to Pirates of the Carribean.  Enjoy the Easter holidays and hope to welcome you to the Zoo soon!


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The Spectacled Owls...

Posted on in News

were not amused with all the rain today - and neither were we!


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3 new otter pups!

Posted on in News

The otters have been hiding a special secret since the middle of January and have at last decided the time is right to show everyone their three beautiful additions to their family! For our female otter who sustained terrible burns and trauma from last year's fire, it's such a happy ending.


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Two stunning new...

Posted on in News

White-cheeked Turacos will soon be out in the African Bird walk through aviary.


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Two new Crested Cranes...

Posted on in News

look fabulous out in the new African Wading Bird walk through aviary!


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Seeing double?

Posted on in News

No - it's a second meerkat baby coming out to explore today!


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Beautiful Chloe...

Posted on in News

our female Lynx has now been at the Zoo for a year!


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A baby meerkat!!!

Posted on in News

Wonderful to see a new baby meerkat emerging from the burrow this afternoon - getting a reassuring cuddle from mum.


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Another two piles of sand still to arrive...

Posted on in News

then we can start moving it into the new meerkat area - busy day ahead!


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New Walk Through Areas Open Today!

Posted on in News

Enjoy a wander on a path through the Red Necked and Parma Walllaby enclosure and also in the African Wading Bird Aviary close to Sacred Ibis, Little Egrets, varieties of Teel Duck and White Faced Whistling Ducks and more birds will be on show soon!


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A bear Hug!

Posted on in News

Carmen out enjoying the Spring weather yesterday.


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Chuckles the Kookaburra is back!

Posted on in News

and is safe and well in his enclosure thanks to a great team effort by Graeme, Gary and volunteer Lauren Kyle.  Thanks again for everyone's messages and phone calls over the past few days.  Not sure if he knows he's a celebrity or not!


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Chuckles the Kookaburra is alive!

Posted on in News

and was spotted early this morning close to the Zoo - keepers kept an eye on him all day yesterday, trying to encourage him to come for food using Kookaburra noises from a CD player..but with no success.  Fingers crossed that we will get him back home today, please keep calling if you spot him in your garden/street 01506 870000.  Thanks to everyone for their messages.


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Disaster struck last night...

Posted on in News

when the high winds caused a lot of damage to the roof of the Kookaburra enclosure and he flew off.  We've heard him this morning so he's still close by but would ask if anyone hears or sees him to please let us know asap 01506 870000 - thank you.


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Our female Wildcat...

Posted on in News

managed to find a sheltered spot in the sunshine earlier!


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The Zoo is delighted..

Posted on in News

to have been able to offer a home to 2 Coati following the closure of Fife Animal Park.  The male and female arrived yesterday and have been out exploring today.


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The Red Bellied Tamarins..

Posted on in News

Enjoying the sun earlier today in their new outdoor dome.


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The Brown Lemurs..

Posted on in News

have just moved in with the Ring Tailed Lemurs and are enjoying some sunshine and getting to know each other.


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Sun's out...

Posted on in News

and so are the Prairie Dogs!


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Come and say hello...

Posted on in News

Goats, bearded dragon, cockroaches and snake - we will be at Paradise Island Adventure Golf (upstairs Livingston Designer Outlet) today from 11 - 3pm!


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Peggy Bear....

Posted on in News

was out briefly with today's sunshine - she looks great!


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Stella the Skunk...

Posted on in News

enjoying the sunshine this morning.


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Hello Rocky...

Posted on in News

We were delighted to welcome Rocky to the Zoo, having rehomed him following the recent closure of Fife Animal Park.


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Fife Animal Park...

Posted on in News

Last Sunday the Zoo collected 9 wallabies and 1 emu all of which faced an uncertain future because of the closure of Fife Animal Park.  We have given them a permanent home here at Five Sisters Zoo.  These animals were in good condition and had been well cared for in what has been a very difficult and traumatic time for the owners and staff at the Fife Park.  We are keeping in touch with BIAZA who are helping to rehome the remaining animals and birds and will take in further species where possible.


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