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Open 7 days a week! (Except Christmas Day and New Year's Day)

25th March 2016 - Sept: 10am - 6pm

Oct - March: 10am - 5pm

Last entry 1.5 hours before closing time.

PLEASE NOTE: Leaping Lemurs Soft Play is CLOSED until further notice. This building will be converted into a new Reptile House. A brand new indoor play facility will follow shortly, so please bear with us in the meantime.

Admission Prices

Child (3-15yrs): £9.95
Adult (16yrs+): £11.95
Under 3's: free of charge
Concession*: £10.45
Family Ticket (2 adults/2 children): £34.00 + £7.95 for each additional child.

*Concession: applies to pensioners, disabled customers and carers with official photographic ID badge.

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Recent blog posts

Work is well underway...

Posted on in News

We are all very excited to see work progressing well in our new exhibit "Living Wonders of the World".  We are creating a walk through indoor area which will bring to life the sights, sounds and feel of the rainforest, desert and tropical areas of our world.   This is all happening in what used to be the ticket desk/gift shop and reptile house, so you will still be able to see many of our existing creatures, as well as some new ones.  Our crocodiles will also move into a new pool area in here. 


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Exciting times at the Zoo!

Posted on in News

There's lots happening at the Zoo just now to improve both the layout and a number of enclosures for our animals.  Will keep you updated over the next few days with more information - for starter here's our new otter pond.  Work is almost finished on it now and for those who know the Zoo they may recognise that it's in the area where the meerkats used to be.

otter pondresize

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Hello lovely bear!

Posted on in News

Carmen having a stretch of her legs and appears to be well and in good condition - roll on Spring!


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Is Spring in the air?

Posted on in News

Carmen was sitting at the entrance to her den on Saturday and then ventured out for a sniff and something to eat - she's looking great.  The bears are all starting to be a bit more active, so maybe they know that winter is coming to an end soon?


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Posted on in News

This is Buster having fun exploring his new enclosure.

Buster resized


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Posted on in News

The Zoo is now open, although the Cafe is still closed.  There are still some construction works currently ongoing which should be completed in the next few weeks.  Due to these works there are a few animals off show.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Posted on in News

Due to difficullt ground conditions and various ongoing improvement works, we have made a decision to close the zoo this weekend and Monday to Friday next week.  We will keep you informed and up to date with progress.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused but we are sure you will be impressed when the work is finished.  Thank you everyone for your continued support, it is much appreciated.

Snowy owl resized   

Fred one of our Snowy Owls, probably the only ones enjoying this weather!


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Posted on in News

This was Suzy Bear this morning all snuggled up in her warm cosy bed surrounded by staw.  She is very sleepy and only gets up to eat and have a drink then its back to bed for her.  Peggy and Carmen are still hibernating in the new areas specially created for them but Suzy prefers her original den.

suzy straw resized



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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

Posted on in News

On behalf of Peggy, Suzy & Carmen and everyone at the zoo we would like to thank you all for your help and support over the last year and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Xmas card resized


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Posted on in News

This is Albert our the Indian Runner Duckling here at The Five Sisters Zoo. Albert was born in September of this year in an incubator after his egg was found lying in mud, accidently knocked out the hut by his mum. Now almost three months old he has most of his feathers.  He loves to spend a lot of his time with the zoo staff either in the office or gift shop!  Why not come along and meet him sometime!



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Posted on in News

Santa arrived at the zoo on Saturday.  Why not bring your children along to meet him in his magical grotto and also meet his reindeer.  He will be here every weekend up to Christmas and Christmas Eve from 11am - 4pm.  Tickets are £6.00 per child and they will receive a gift and a free child entry ticket to the zoo which is valid for six months 

(No entry to zoo necessary to meet Santa).

This is Santa pictured with one of his reindeer

santa and reindeer copy


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Colin the Chameleon

Posted on in News

Meet Colin the Chameleon, just one of the many residents in our newly finished Discovery Centre.   A Chameleon is a small lizard who changes colour to suit his surroundings.  Come along to see Santa at the weekends and you can meet Colin and his many friends while you wait in our nice warm log burning cabin before being led to Santa's magical grotto by his two elves. 

chameleon resized 2



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Denning Update

Posted on in News

Its official Peggy has denned in the new den created in the holding enclosure. Carmen has chosen one of the dens in the natural enclosure and although not fully denned up she is spending a lot of time there. Suzy, however, has decided to remain in the middle den within the holding area specially built for their arrival.

Brown bears hibernate in winter, for between three and seven months in a specially dug den, or natural  site under rocks or tree roots.  During hibernation, the bear’s  body temperature drops and their heart rate slows. Hibernation is thought to be  an adaptation to lack of food during the winter months, with the bears living off their body fat which has accumulated during the Autumn.

This is the first time to our knowledge that our bears have displayed this behaviour and we are extremely proud and happy that they have adapted to their new surroundings.

hp den resize

Peggy's Winter den.

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Posted on in News

The Black Bear Picnic UK Ladies visited the zoo on 27th/28th October for their annual picnic.  This is a group of ladies from all over the UK united by their love of bears, who fund raise and support bear groups world wide.  They have supported the journey of Carmen, Peggy and Suzy by fund raising and creating awareness of the bears plight throughout.  We were delighted that they chose Five Sisters Zoo as this year,s venue.  A fun weekend was had by all and they raised a further £153.00 which we hope to use for further enrichment for the three girls.  It was a pleasure to meet those who made it to the picnic and we look forward to meeting the rest of you in the future.  A massive thankyou to you all and love and bear hugs from Carmen, Suzy and Peggy.

black bear ladies outside  


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Posted on in News

Hope everyone has a spooktacular evening.  Looking forward to meeting all you ghosts and ghouls tonight at our Halloween event.

This is our Black and white ruffed lemurs having their own Halloween treats


lemurs pumpkin 4


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West Highland Way Cycle Run

Posted on in News

We would like to say Well Done and a massive thankyou to Charles Jarvis who carried out a sponsored cycle run of the West Highland Way over two days.    Charles donated £160.00 of his proceeds to the Circus Bear Appeal and can be seen below handing the cheque over to Brian Curran outside the bear enclosure.

Charles Jarvis 



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Bear Dens

Posted on in News

This is the finishing touches being put in place for the bear dens, they have been blocked off at the back with rocks and soil and filled with bark.  This is the straw being placed and now we wait and see what happens.new dens ready resized 

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Posted on in News

As soon as the pipes were placed in the holding pen Peggy was straight out to check them over.

peggy standing in pipe resized

peggy in pipe 2 resized

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Pipes for Bear Dens now in place

Posted on in News

The pipes are now in place with a special thankyou to LIEBHERR GREAT BRITAIN LIMITED who donated a machine to allow us to move the pipes into place.  Without their help this would have been near impossible.

pipe lifting over resized

1st pipe in big pen resized

All we need to do now is block one end, cover up with rocks, soil etc, fill with straw kindly donated by Angela from Craigton house and then wait and see if our girls will den up for the winter.

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First Pipe going into Bear Enclosure

Posted on in News

This is the first of the pipes going into the Bear Enclosure.  Massive thanks again to Louise and her team at Frontline Construction for their help and also to CPM for supplying the pipes

pipe in gate resized


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A new addition!

Posted on in News

Congratulations to Molly, one of our pygmy goats, who gave birth on Thursday to the cutiest we kid!  We don't have a name for her yet, but mum and baby are both doing well - wathc out for them in the goat hut.


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As the saying goes...

Posted on in News

The grass is always greener on the other side, or in this case the hay!!


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The pipes have arrived!

Posted on in News

We have just taken delivery of 4 large culvert pipes, that we hope the bears will use to "den up" for the winter!  We've still to get them into place and prepare them but we hope to do this within the next few days.  A MASSIVE thank you goes to CPM Group in Newmains for so generously donating the pipes to us.


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Breakfast time!

Posted on in News

Carmen gets tucked into breakfast cereal, courtesy of Aldi Stores - we are extremely grateful to them for their regular donation of surplus fruit and vegetables.


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Salmon for breakfast!

Posted on in News

Carmen enjoying a tasy treat for breakfast.


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Chicks are great!

Posted on in News

The two peacock chicks are doing really well under the watchful eye of their surrogate mum!  We are wondering whether the white one will become yet another albino member of the zoo family!


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New Discovery & Learning Centre

Posted on in News

The new Discovery Centre is really starting to take shape with lots of interesting species including colonies of leaf cutter ants, ladybirds, marine fish, harvest mice and a whole room dedicated to the rainforest! This will compliment our new school education programme, linked to the curriculum for excellence.  It's free and will be great fun to explore.


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Peggy Playing:)

Posted on in News

Peggy is really enjoying the new jungle gym, especially the tyres!peggyplaysresize

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Posted on in News

You know that feeling when you just can't keep your eyes open....Jacob, our adorable large pink pig:)


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Steak for breakfast!

Posted on in News

This photo was taken this morning just after Carmen had finished eating a steak for breakfast, droopy lower jaw = a happy bear:)


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Posted on in News

Guess who these feet belong to?!

Hope all the kids are enjoying being back at school - thanks to everyone who came to visit the Zoo during the holidays, we really appreciate your support:)




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Posted on in News

Suzy enjoying a wee snooze:)


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Yummy honey!

Posted on in News

there's nothing better than honey smeared on a log for breakfast:)


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Thank you Else!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to Else Poulsen for a great evening and most informative talk on Monday evening.  We raised over £400 from the evening for the bear fund, so thanks to everyone who came along to support us.  Special thanks also must go to Hauser Bears for sponsoring Else's visit, to the Mercure Hotel for providing the meeting room FOC and to Angela Kyle for her wonderful organisational skills:)

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Great weekend!

Posted on in News

Hope you have all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunny, warm weather - we certainly did:)


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New Jungle Gym!

Posted on in News

We've been busy adding in a new "jungle gym" in the holding pen area for the bears...Carmen and Suzy have been testing it out this morning already:)


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Posted on in News

Carmen sitting in the sun this morning having a good scratch

carmen scratching resized 2

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Posted on in News

millymolly resized

Molly and Milly our two female African Pygmy goats doing some Olympics of their own.  Molly is four and her daughter Milly is two. 


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An evening with Else Poulsen

Posted on in News

An evening with Else Poulsen Author of  "Smiling Bears"click here to read more...

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Tea time for Suzy

Posted on in News

Suzy bear enjoying some mince for her tea.  She has now lost most of her old winter coat and is looking great.

suzy  resized

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Meet our two peacock chicks who are being raised by "Ginger" our silky hen.  The eggs were abandoned by our female peacock so we thought we would try them under the hen and see how it went.  A few weeks later we were amazed to find the eggs had hatched and this is the result. 

two peacock chicks resized

hen and chicks resized


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Posted on in News

Blackburn Rovers and Scotland striker David Goodwillie kindly signed and dontated his Scotland top from the Liechtenstein game on 8th October 2011 to raise money for the three rescued bears.

This shirt is on ebay now


David Goodwillie Scotland Shirt resized


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Posted on in News

A close up of a happy Peggy now that the rain has stopped

peggy close up

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Who mentioned T in the Park

Posted on in News

Two of our three snowy owl babies not liking this Scottish Summer.  If it rains much more they may have to learn to swim.

snowy owl babies wet





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Posted on in News

Yippee says Suzy it's the summer holidays!  Have lots of fun and hope to see some of you at the Zoo:)


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Just born!

Posted on in News

First sighting of our new baby meerkat born last night.  Mum and rest of gang proudly watching over it and carrying it about.  Could be more!


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Sweet potato

Posted on in News

Yummy sweet potato is what Suzy is tucking into as part of her breakfast:)


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Posted on in News

Picuted here is Suzy who looks as if she's doing a good job of tiding her bed up....or looking for treats maybe? 


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Snowy owl chicks!

Posted on in News

Fantastic photo captured recently by Graham Chumbley of two of the snowy owl chicks getting fed by mum!



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Watch out for the American red squirrels!

Posted on in News

They are now in their new enclosure down beside the wildcats, they are very cute and very quick - here's one that stopped long enough to get a quick photo!


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