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Open 7 days a week! (Except Christmas Day and New Year's Day)

25th March 2017 - Sept: 10am - 6pm

Oct - March: 10am - 5pm

Last entry 1.5 hours before closing time.

PLEASE NOTE: Leaping Lemurs Soft Play is CLOSED until further notice. This building will be converted into a new Reptile House. A brand new indoor play facility will follow shortly, so please bear with us in the meantime.

Admission Prices

Child (3-15yrs): £9.95
Adult (16yrs+): £11.95
Under 3's: free of charge
Concession*: £10.45
Family Ticket (2 adults/2 children): £34.00 + £7.95 for each additional child.

*Concession: applies to pensioners, disabled customers and carers with official photographic ID badge.

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EH55 8PT

T: 01506 870 000
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Recent blog posts

Yummy cookie!

Posted on in News

This brilliant cookie was donated by Millie's Cookies for the Paradise Island Adventure Golf raffle last Saturday; whoever the lucky winner is, we hope you enjoy eating it!  Thanks to everyone who donated prizes and bought tickets.



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Just a reminder that..

Posted on in News

Leaping Lemurs indoor soft play area is open as normal, daily from 10 - 5pm, weekday special is £3 per child for up to 2 hours play. Please note that the outdoor castle and pirate ship area is now closed as it's being converted into an exciting new medieval castle themed petting Zoo - more details to follow soon!

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Look out for the Zoo at..

Posted on in News

Paradise Island Adventure Golf, at the Designer Outlet Centre this Saturday, 9th November to celebrate their 1st birthday. Lots of fun things to do, great raffle prizes (proceeds of raffle will go to the Fire Fund) and a chance to get up close to some Zoo animals.  Hope to see you there!

bday posterres

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So sleepy....

Posted on in News

Suzy bear can hardly keep her eyes open now!



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Watch out for the Zoo..

Posted on in News

at "The Centre", Livingston tomorrow 1st Nov from 11 - 4pm with a snake, bearded dragon, insects and more! Also face painting, so hope to see you then.



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Happy Halloween!

Posted on in News

..from everyone at the Five Sisters Zoo - have a great evening.  Davey's been enjoying his pumpkin treat!

happy halloweenres

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Posted on in News

in the European Eagle Owl enclosure.


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New Skunk enclosure...

Posted on in News

is now complete and the skunks are loving it - here's Strachan coming out of his new den.


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The Zoo is delighted to have..

Posted on in News

won the award category "Honorable Mention" for the poster presented at the recent Advanced Bear Care Conference, in New Jersey. Pictured here are 3 very happy ladies; Angela, Eileen and Shirley who found the meeting extremely worthwhile, met lots of like minded bear people and did a brilliant job of spreading the word about the on going care and rehabilitation of our beloved bears.


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Halloween Event

Posted on in News

Unfortunately the Zoo will not be having a Halloween event this year due to the loss of the Reptile House and the on going construction works being carried out at present.  We will be up to our usual antics next year with spooks and creepy crawlies!


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The wallaby joey...

Posted on in News

out and about finally!


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Welcome to one of our new...

Posted on in News

Long Eared Owls:)


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Out and about...

Posted on in News

here's our young albino skunk - she's nearly the size of dad now!


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Meet our....

Posted on in News

lovely new Spectacle Owl - a wee bit shy but settling in well with the Brown Wood Owls.


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Our brown wood owls...

Posted on in News

are watching as work on the new owl enclosures progresses !



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International Conference..

Posted on in News

Delighted that 3 representatives from the Zoo will attend the 2013 Advanced Bear Care Conference this week - a great opportunity to meet our peers, give a presentation about the Zoo and to submit a paper about the on going recovery and rehabilitation of Carmen, Peggy & Suzy. Enjoy the conference ladies and bring back lots of new ideas and tips!


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Posted on in News

are very special.


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Nothing beats...

Posted on in News

a swim before breakfast!


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Our reindeer calf..

Posted on in News

..as grown a lot during the summer months, but is still very cute!

babyreindeerres copy

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New Barn Owl enclosure

Posted on in News

is coming together, complete with an old tractor!


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A bear bed!

Posted on in News

Peggy's been busy getting her winter den ready - the bed looks lovely and cosy!


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Watch out for...

Posted on in News

the 4 pygmy goat kids at the entrance to the Zoo - they are great fun to watch!


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Fennec foxes..

Posted on in News

are amazing! here's one of ours enjoying the sunshine.


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The new monkey house..

Posted on in News

is coming along well! With thanks to Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows and Scottish Hydro volunteers who have helped with the painting of the building and laying bark in the new outdor areas for them this week.


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Carmen Bear..

Posted on in News

sitting in one of her favourite places in the woods.


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New outdoor area...

Posted on in News

for the Marmosets, Tamarins and Geoffroy's is well underway, creating a natural outdoor area with trees, shrubs and ropes for them to climb on and linked to their indoor area via an overhead tunnel.


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Making progress

Posted on in News

The new monkey house is really taking shape - there will be an exterior area at the back for them all to enjoy and this is just getting planted out now.

monkeyhouseres copy

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Great weather...

Posted on in News

..at the Zoo today, lovely and warm, here's one of our European Eagle owls watching the progress of the new monkey house!


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Having a clear out!

Posted on in News

At the entrance of one of the bear dens, having had a clear out, now filling them with fresh bark and straw ready for the coming winter.  All three bears have gained weight and are starting to slow down and sleep more during the day - Autumn and winter are on their way!


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Posted on in News
Molly our other pygmy goat gave birth yesterday to2 gorgeous kids - all 3 are doing well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANEFUiZsM4g&feature=youtu.be
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Hello new monkey area!

Posted on in News

The monkey house has been dismantled this week and a new facility is currently being constructed with larger outdoor areas for the Common Marmosets, Geoffroys and Tamarins.


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Hello from the meerkat enclosure!

Posted on in News
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Thank you!

Posted on in News

The Zoo is so grateful to Tesco, Aldi and Sainsbury's for their regular donations of surplus food for the animals; here's Peggy bear enjoying a very colourful breakfast yesterday morning!


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2 new special picnic benches

Posted on in News

We are delighted with 2 new picnic benches recently donated by HMP Addiewell - they have been adapted for wheelchair access and we've been getting positive feedback already. Thank you!


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Congratulations Millie!

Posted on in News

Millie, one of our pygmy goats gace birth during the night, to two gorgeous kids - all are doing well.


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It's been warm!

Posted on in News

The racoons will be pleased it's a few degrees cooler now, this was them recently investigating a homemade fruity ice lolly!


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Out for a snack!

Posted on in News

Mum and her new joey who is very cute!


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Happy otters...

Posted on in News

..relaxing in the sunshine:)


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Glorious sunshine!

Posted on in News

End of another sunny day at the Zoo - great to see lots of visitors enjoying the good weather and hope to welcome many more during the summer holidays.


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Fantastic aerial footage!

Posted on in News

A massive thank you to Top Gun Scotland for producing and donating 3 fantastic videos giving a "birds eye" view of the Zoo and Bear Sanctuary, there's a link to them on the hompage of the website.


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Very cute!

Posted on in News

 Our newset addition is a baby skunk!  Pictured here with mum Stella, it's a bit shy but adorable at about 3 weeks old.  Wonder if there are any more going to appear soon...


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An award

Posted on in News

The Zoo was delighted to have recently been awarded "most popular placement" by West Lothian Schools work placement pupils. Pictured below is Head Keeper Lynn with the award - we are delighted to provide these work placements through the Council.


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Warm and sunny

Posted on in News

This weather is great and all the groups and visitors are enjoying the Zoo today here's the otters out and about...


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Happy Fathers Day!

Posted on in News

Have a great Fathers Day and Happy Birthday to Stumpy - he's dad to our 5 male ring tailed lemurs and is an amazing 27 years old this month - probably the oldest living lemur in Europe.


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Posted on in News

Sadly, Jacob our large pink pig died on Saturday - he was such a well loved character who had happily lived at the Zoo for over 7 years, having been resuced as a piglet when he was just 6 months old.  We will all miss him terribly, this photo was taken of him last summer,enjoying a snooze in his hut.  


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Posted on in News

Have a great weekend - summer is here at long last!


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Meerkats and the sun!

Posted on in News

It's good to see the meerkats settled back into their enclosure - they are loving this warm weather and so are we!


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Hello Susan!

Posted on in News

Delighted to welcome Susan Boyle back to the Zoo today, thanks for your support.


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Suns out!

Posted on in News

It's a glorious sunny morning at the Zoo - why not come and hang out here today? Look out for our new babies - reindeer, wallaby and common marmosets.


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So delighted...

Posted on in News

to welcome our new male otter to the Zoo - he is adorable and fingers crossed that our female thinks so to!  Just getting to know each other today:)


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